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In order to stay ahead in an extremely competitive marketplace, manufacturing warehouses must implement modern, automated intralogistics solutions. Facilities with outdated technology, inflexible systems, and poor inventory visibility will not be able to survive much longer. Kardex`s Automation Knowledge Center offers research reports, white papers, case studies, webinars, and more. It provides comprehensive, research-based materials to effectively navigate challenges in manufacturing and suggests ways to integrate space-saving, accurate, fast, and reliable processes.  

Gain advice from industry experts and find out the latest automated warehouse solutions to ensure control over your material flow and inventoryWith extensive experience creating, implementing and maintaining automated intralogistics solutions for the manufacturing industry, Kardex will develop an optimum solution to meet your specific segment requirements.   

Future warehouses: challenges, trends & solutions

Warehouse operators understand how critical it is to have a seamless and transparent material flow and are starting to take the steps towards achieving this by implementing flexible and modular automated solutions. As companies gradually make this transition, they’re able to minimize costs, reduce needed space, and successfully manage fluctuating market demands. Kardex is always up to speed with these latest developments and provides the most up to date tools and technology to support warehouses today and well into the future.  

Manufacturing challenges & best practices

For manufacturing warehouses to be successful, operators must maintain accurate control over their inventory, avoid bottlenecks, and be able to deliver goods just-in-time with speed and precisionIt is critical to partner with an intralogistics expert who not only understands these complex challenges, but also has vast experience managing them.  

Manufacturing case studies

When existing processes are no longer successful, perhaps due to capacity limitations,  a spike in demandadditional inventory, or new market requirements, a company must decide how to proceed. Is it time to automate? Is it time to implement new solutions?  Dive inside manufacturing warehouses to see how Kardex takes their intralogistics to the next level.     

Manufacturing solutions

Warehouses need to implement solutions that meet both today’s needs and can manage future changes and growth. By comparing product specifications and introducing ways to tackle common warehouse challenges, Kardex introduces the latest solutions available and helps evaluate which is best for your industry segment 

Online webinars & trainings

Exhausted of reading a computer screen all day? Listen to a webinar! Led by industry experts, this page provides comprehensive webinars to help navigate warehouse challenges, understand new technologies, and discover new solutions.

Support & Life Cycle Service

Kardex understands how much warehouses depend on fast and reliable maintenance. That’s why our technicians undergo regular training at the Kardex Academy and we offer multiple, modular service contract options. The Kardex team works hard to avoid unnecessary downtime, and ensure systems reach maximum potential throughout their entire life cycle.   

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