Using AutoStore™ to Hedge Against Labor Volatility


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The lack of skilled warehouse workers and rising labor costs are creating major challenges in warehouse and distribution centers throughout the country, fueling increased interest in automation. Focused on optimizing picking processes, improving operational efficiencies and increasing productivity, goods-to-person automation helps companies minimize reliance on labor for parts management and order fulfillment.

AutoStore is operated by autonomous robots that move on top of an aluminum cubic grid to deliver stored items as needed, reducing labor requirements from a manual system by 10 times. Within this grid, storage bins are stacked on top of each other. The robots continuously pick up, rearrange and deliver bins directly to connected ports for order picking and replenishment. Designed to handle small parts, these high-speed robots are redefining manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations worldwide.

Watch our webinar and learn:

  • What´s driving the current labor shortage
  • What makes AutoStore a unique solution
  • How to stabilize labor with reliable automation
  • How to compare labor savings

Presented by

Mitch Hayes 
President at Kardex Solutions LLC



Mike Jackson
Senior Sales Manager at Kardex Solutions LLC 




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